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VX Kivisillus OÜ
Kreutzwaldi 26 A
Rakvere 44314
Tel +372 51 09 274

Reg. kood: 10726146
KMK nr: EE 100 675 034
MTR: EE J002957
MTR: EH 10726146–0001


Dear guest! We are glad that you have entered our web site. But more importantly, we will be more satisfied if we gain any possibility of helping you realize your goals in the field of engineering.

With our long-time activity we have amended our experience in the field of constructing of concrete material. We have achieved the position in the engineering market where we deal with great responsibility and that is because we concentrate firstly on quality of our services, effectiveness and we have always attempted to exceed the expectations of our clients and they have never had any reason to be disappointed.

Please take a further tour on our web site and find yourself helpful information. We would be happy if you contact us with any question or proposition. While taking the tour on our web site, 'Page Tree' will help you to navigate.

Wishing you all the best.

VX Kivisillus