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VX Kivisillus OÜ
Kreutzwaldi 26 A
Rakvere 44314
Tel +372 51 09 274

Reg. kood: 10726146
KMK nr: EE 100 675 034
MTR: EE J002957
MTR: EH 10726146–0001


VX Kivisillus OÜ is a company operating in the field of floor works. Our main area of activity is the construction and finishing of large-scale industrial concrete floors.

VX Kivisillus was founded in 2000. We have constantly observed and followed the developments on Estonian construction market. Besides our main area of activity we also perform renovation and dressing of concrete floors, monolithic concrete works and other works involved in floor construction. The development of our company goes hand in hand with the development of our employees, who are essential to any construction company. Our equipment and machines are frequently updated. Company has a building capacity of thousand square metres of concrete floor within one work shift.

We have been operating on Finnish construction market since 2004. Our specialisation on the construction market allows us to offer our clients economic high-quality solutions.

Our mission is to exceed our clients' expectations. Our purpose is to offer integrated solutions in floor construction – from construction to maintenance later on.