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VX Kivisillus OÜ
Kreutzwaldi 26 A
Rakvere 44314
Tel +372 51 09 274

Reg. kood: 10726146
KMK nr: EE 100 675 034
MTR: EE J002957
MTR: EH 10726146–0001


Construction of concrete floors 

VX Kivisillus performs concrete floor construction works both as a main contractor and as a subcontractor. 

Many years of experience allows offering the following services:

  • construction of reinforced concrete slabs
  • construction of steel fibre boards
  • casting of concrete equalizing beds
  • covering of floors with various powder or liquid surface hardeners in order to provide high durability or dust resistance
  • construction of monolithic concrete structures (barriers, ramps, small wall structures)
  • construction of sand and screen base for floors
  • additional works involved in floor construction (joints, reinforcing)

Maintenance and renovation works for concrete floors

Concrete floor is one a very common floor type in industrial buildings. The floor is designed and built while taking into account certain factors. Already before commencing construction works, we determine the loads that will affect the floor. But the concrete floor surface may still become damaged during its exploitation. It may also be caused by changes in production activities, which requires alteration of the qualities of the floor surface.

VX Kivisillus provides the following maintenance and repair services for concrete floors:

  • Renovation of concrete floors
  • Repairing and finishing cracks in concrete
  • Increasing of wear resistance, dust resistance and chemical resistance of the concrete floor
  • Dust-free treatment of concrete floors
  • Dressing concrete floor into terrazzo floor
  • Renovation of concrete and limestone stairs
  • Dressing of limestone surfaces and chemical processing